Employment Litigation

Panic is Not a Strategy

When an employee files a claim against your company or compromises your trust, Lurie, Zepeda, Schmalz, Hogan & Martin takes over the burden of seeking justice.  We efficiently gather evidence to develop a sound strategy, then seek resolution as efficiently as possible.  While we may pursue a negotiated settlement, we are equally skilled at pursuing trial if necessary.

As a result of our decades of experience trying cases in Southern California and our knowledge of California procedure, out-of-state attorneys call us to serve as local counsel on employment law matters.  In these situations, we communicate clearly with lead counsel to ensure they remain informed throughout the process.

Our broad-ranging experience resolving employment matters include:

Co-defense counsel with a national law firm (AM Law 100) representing the owner/operator of national senior housing facilities.  Since 2006, have efficiently and effectively resolved a variety of employment litigation matters in California state and federal courts