Business Litigation

Your Case.  Our Strategy.  Problem Solved.

Whether your company is closely-held or among the Fortune 500, Lurie, Zepeda, Schmalz, Hogan & Martin tailors a unique strategy to resolve your legal issues based on the facts and your goals.  From negotiated settlements through trials and appeals, we apply decades of experience to efficiently pursue the best result possible. You frequently will find our attorneys in court trying cases in front of juries, judges and administrative bodies on wide-ranging commercial litigation.

Some of Our Business Litigation Cases

  • Advised an aerospace manufacturer on multiple environmental remediation projects. Negotiated multiple environmental, property access and regulatory agreements with property owners and other public and private stakeholders. Represented client before local, state and federal regulators.

  • Defended an aerospace manufacturer in two complex groundwater contamination cases brought by public entity plaintiff involving numerous sites and defendants. Conducted key depositions of plaintiff’s experts resulting in successful motion for summary judgment.

  • Represented a large manufacturer in Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability (CERCLA) proceedings relating to a chemical recycling facility. Advocated on behalf of client in litigation management committee and group steering committee.

  • Defended a major construction engineering firm from tort claims relating to San Joaquin Valley Fever. Devised case strategy and motion practice. Oversaw discovery responses and document production.

  • Defended a major refiner in mass actions filed by its franchisees asserting contract, unfair competition and antitrust claims arising from point-of-sale and back-office accounting system, wholesale gasoline pricing and selection of third-party vendors. Devised case strategy and implemented discovery plan.

  • Represented a major financial institution in consumer class action and Unfair Competition Law (UCL) litigation. Conducted discovery and drafted dispositive motions.

  • Defended a major refiner in breach of contract litigation relating to the transfer of a jet fuel pipeline and related infrastructure. Conducted fact and expert discovery, drafted and opposed dispositive motions, and prepared for trial.

  • Obtained summary judgment on federal Administrative Procedures Act claims.

  • Defended a major refiner in ongoing federal MDL and California state court proceedings relating to the gasoline additive methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE). Conducted numerous percipient and expert depositions. Coordinated joint defense group motion practice resulting in multiple successful dispositive motions.

  • Represented a class of homeless veterans with severe mental illness and/or traumatic brain injury with claims against the Department of Veterans Affairs officials relating to the West Los Angeles VA Campus.

  • Represented a private equity investor in fraud and breach of contract litigation arising from leveraged buyout transaction. Conducted discovery and drafted successful summary judgment briefing disposing of defendants’ counterclaims. Represented client through trial and post-trial settlement.

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