Real Estate Litigation

Practical Solutions to Your Litigation

Real estate’s significance for nearly every business and individual makes it a common subject of litigation.  Lurie, Zepeda, Schmalz, Hogan & Martin represents all parties involved in real estate matters – developers, landlords, tenants, brokers, financial institutions and individuals – in wide-ranging disputes.  Whether you are embroiled in high-stakes litigation or private arbitration, we strive to conduct a thorough investigation, then plan and implement a strategy to achieve your goals as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

We frequently resolve real estate disputes pertaining to:

Negotiated a favorable settlement in a case involving real property disputes related to the partition and ownership of three residential real properties located in Los Angeles, with total value of approximately $6,000,000.

Successfully defended a case for breach of fiduciary duty between tenants-in-common who owned residential property, by filing a cross-complaint for partition of that property and negotiating a favorable settlement solution, where Plaintiff agreed to client’s proposed voluntary sale of the property during one of the best seasons for home sales.

Within a few weeks after Ms. Tsylina filed a motion for summary judgment on behalf of Defendant-Home Owners Association on the issue of CC&Rs’ interpretation, the homeowner agreed to dismiss his suit for a payment of a nominal sum representing less than 5% of his claimed damages.