Trust, Estate & Probate Litigation

Providing Answers, Not Just Analysis  

When facing a complex dispute over a trust or estate, you want Lurie, Zepeda, Schmalz, Hogan & Martin’s experienced litigators at the helm.  The genesis of our Trust, Estate & Probate Litigation practice was demand from trust and estate planning attorneys.  They knew our firm for our successful business litigation practice and wanted us to apply our problem-solving skills to their clients’ complex trust administration disputes, will contests and conservatorship issues.

Since those early referrals, we have resolved hundreds of matters, large and small.  We apply our skills as litigators to quickly identify the facts and establish a strategy.  We know how to get evidence admitted and, since we are frequently in probate court, the mediators and judges know us.  Along the way, our kind bedside manner helps reduce your stress as we zealously represent your best interests in the following areas:

Successfully defended a spouse in a probate matter involving a motion to reopen her late husband’s estate proceeding. The decedent’s property was already administered pursuant to a court order which left everything to the spouse.  The moving party claimed he had recently found the decedent’s will in which the decedent had left the bulk of the estate to him, and that the spouse therefore was not entitled to the decedent’s property.  Ms. Tsylina was able to prove that the decedent had revoked that will and that the distribution to the spouse was therefore appropriate.  Ms. Tsylina also successfully argued that the moving party significantly delayed bringing the probate proceedings before the Court.  The motion was denied in favor of Ms. Tsylina’s client, with the original court order on spousal property petition left undisturbed.