Steve Hogan and Andrew Zepeda will be presenting a seminar before the Fiduciary Real Estate Forum on June 20, 2022 at Noon

The seminar will discuss issue of particular interest to Private Professional Fiduciaries (“PPF”).  Topics discussed will include:

  • How does the PPF deal with the sale of contaminated property and the liability that may arise from the sale?
  • What does the PPF do when the City/County post code violations on the property, particularly for low income or slumlord housing?
  • How does the PPF deal with a co-owned property when the co-owner files for bankruptcy  and how can the sale proceed?
  • How does a PPF deal with a leased property where a tenant or tenants have not paid rents allegedly due to the COVID shutdown.
  • When and how should the PPF use the Notice of Proposed Action (“NOPA”) procedures in the Probate Code to protect the PPF?
  • What is the procedure is a beneficiary objects to the NOPA.
    • What Petition does the PPF file on an objection to a NOPA?
    • How does the PPF deal with the delay in obtaining Court approval for a sale of property that could kill the deal.
    • Discuss on ex parte relief and how it is accomplished.
  • How does a PPF transfer property to an estate, trust or conservatorship if the property is in the individual name of the decedent or conservatee but all other assets are in a Trust.
    • This will involve a discussion of Heggstad Petitions – how the process works or doesn’t work.

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