About Us

Accessible, Thoughtful, Effective

Over 30 years ago, a small group of attorneys passionate about litigation and committed to high-quality service founded the firm that has grown to become Lurie, Zepeda, Schmalz, Hogan & Martin. Like-minded attorneys, many from the nation’s largest and most prestigious law firms, have joined the firm over the years to build a broad litigation practice rivaling the biggest and best law firms in town.
In sum, we strive to provide every client the benefits of:

  • Experienced attorneys who know how to handle complex cases against aggressive opponents.
  • A strategic approach to effectively and efficiently achieve the best results, helping clients accomplish their goals.
  • A firm culture where clients are far more than just a “case number.”
  • Accessible senior litigators and shareholders who actively work on your matter.
  • Efficient case staffing.
  • Technology systems built specifically for managing litigation.

Strategy, Action, Results

The firm prides itself in taking a thoughtful and strategic approach to litigation and resolving business disputes. While each client matter is different and each matter requires its own specialized approach, a litigation strategy is important at the outset of the dispute. In general, we examine a legal dispute and formulate a plan or strategy in the following ways:

  • Assess the dimensions of the dispute:  Who are the parties involved?  What are their relationships? What are their goals and expectations?
  • Analyze the possible paths to resolution, including whether a lawsuit is necessary in the first place or whether an early mediation is warranted.
  • Discuss with the client a cost-benefit analysis of alternative approaches.
  • Reach a consensus with the client on the best path to resolve the dispute in an efficient and favorable way to meet the client’s goals and expectations, if possible.
  • Execute the strategic plan and be flexible because litigation is inherently an uncertain and often unpredictable process. This requires a close relationship between attorney and client to make sure the initial strategy is still working or whether it needs to be modified to stay on the path to a favorable resolution.

Plaintiffs and defendants alike benefit from our practical approach to establishing a strategy, and then taking action toward the desired result. We may advise you that the best path is to settle early in the process to avoid potentially expensive, lengthy litigation with uncertain outcomes. Alternatively, not all disputes are easily resolved and it may be necessary to take the case to trial and even through the appellate process. Of course, we are experienced in taking a litigated matter as far as necessary in the judicial process if that is what has to be done to protect the client’s interests and meet the client’s expectations.

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