Wrongful Termination

Successfully and expediently defended a national retail chain against former employee’s allegations of wrongful termination due to sexual orientation and race discrimination.

Employee Embezzlement

Achieved a $1.1 million verdict in client’s favor after a 2-month jury trial against an employee for breach of fiduciary duty relating to employee embezzlement and misappropriation of trade secrets for theft of confidential client information.

Sexual Harassment

Successfully secured a waiver and release of a former employee’s sexual harassment allegations after conducting the former employee’s deposition.

Wage & Hour Disputes

Representing the employer, settled employee’s discrimination and wage and hour violation claims in client’s favor, with dismissal of the complaint with prejudice.


Successfully defended a large franchisee-employer against former employee’s allegations of pregnancy discrimination without going to trial.

Breach of Contract

On the eve of the employee’s deposition, successfully settled a complaint filed by former employee alleging breach of implied employment contract claiming that the offense for which her employment was terminated was a widely accepted practice by the employer.

Misappropriation of Intellectual Property

After one-month jury trial, achieved a verdict in client’s favor for claims of misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of contract against a former employee who had stolen confidential information and used it to open a competing business.